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Adjustable Project Management

Twelve (12) independent sub-services aim to manage a specific project successfully. This category of services is primarily for the organizations with high technocratic mentality such as the information technology organizations, the Banking sector, the Financial sector, the Defense sector, and others, which have capability to manage a project but also to outsource the management, or part of the management.  In those organizations EMPROSS, using the ARIADNE Methodologies, can take perform project management as an outsource initiative,  in order  to free the project managers and experience personnel.   EMPROSS, this way, frees the recourses of the organization who outsourced the project, n order for them to be allocates in other more critical and internal to the organization tasks with highest priority.


  1. Elicitation and analysis of requirements for technologic projects
  2. Identification of standards and processes for managing technological projects
  3. Technological projects schedule and budget development
  4. Cost determination on technological projects
  5. Development of Tenders for  technological projects
  6. Evaluation of proposals for technological projects
  7. Implementation contract development technological projects
  8. Contract management on technological Projects
  9. Subcontracting management on technological projects
  10. Quantitative management technological projects
  11. Quality assurance on technological projects
  12. Costological management on technological projects

Quantitative Project Management is based on the tracking of a project with basic implementation indexes restricted to financial and time related activities.

The whole project management process is actually restricted to an accounting style project management by managing at a high level the project using a basic, even a detailed gantt diagram.  That is managing by the end of task and by milestones regardless the quality of the work delivered.  Common deliverables of this type of project management are progress reports indicating the progress of the project in time and budget but not on quality.

Qualitative Project Management is what EMPROSS is famous about. In the qualitative management EMPROSS participates actively and closely in the development or the acquisition process of the project, taking part on roles and decision in almost everything that happens during every implementation step.  A wide range of indexes are developed per project in order to manage time, money and quality above all.  Deliverables of this type of management are based on the proper implementation of the project management standards and project implementation standards being set up by EMPROSS to all participants in the project.  These standards are monitored with weekly reports on completeness, reliability, risks, contingencies, correlation with project goals, financial status and deadlines.