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Adjustable Project Management of Technocratic Investments

Twelve (12) independent sub-services aim to manage a specific technocratic investment.   

Successful management of technocratic investment does not bring only financial benefits deriving from keeping a project within budget and schedule, but primarily from the benefits of receiving a technology that can immediately be operational and rewarding to the organization.  On the other hand a project that might be delivered on time and on budget but without quality, is very likely to never be used causing to the organization multiple times the cost of investing in that project

This category is primarily for the organizations that have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Have no structure information technology unit/department exists
  • Technological and technocratic investments not frequently occurred in the organization  
  • The required know-how for the management of a technocratic investment does not exist
  • There is no personnel availability for the management of a technocratic investment
  • The risks of implementing technocratic investments are not defined

In this case EMPROSS takes over the role of the Project Manager to provide onw or more of the services of this category using the EMPROSS Ariadne Methodology (figure 3).


  1. Elicitation and analysis of requirements for technological investments
  2. Identification of standards and processes for managing technological investments
  3. Technological investments schedule and budget development
  4. Cost determination on technological investments
  5. Development of Tenders for  technological investments
  6. Evaluation of proposals for technological investments
  7. Implementation contract development technological investments
  8. Contract management on technological investments
  9. Subcontracting management on technological investments
  10. Quantitative management technological investments
  11. Quality assurance on technological investments
  12. Costological management on technological investments