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Process Assessments

Twelve (12) independent sub-services aim to identify the maturity of every organization in strategic management and operational dimensions.

All assessments are implemented using ASPAM, an internationally and widely accepted methodology  based on the contribution and collaboration of the organization assessed, managers and other participants in the assessment process.   Assessment results can be considered also as Business Development Plans due to the very important results they come up with.  Specifically every assessment identifies the strong and weak operations of the organization, documents proposals for every one, prioritizes improvement plans, identifies the cost, effort and time needed to implement each improvement initiative proposed.  In general the assessment presents a complete organizational improvement plan through a technocratic and financially driven approach.


  1. Enterprise Technocratic Maturity Assessment
  2. Enterprise Technological Maturity Assessment
  3. Human Resource Management Assessment
  4. Enterprise Technocratic Process Design Assessment 
  5. Information Systems Development Process Assessment
  6. Information Systems Project Management Process Assessment
  7. Systems Procurement and Contractors Management Process Assessment
  8. Information Systems Risk Management Processes Assessment
  9. Organizational Structure of Information Technology Units Assessment
  10. Information Technology Quality Assurance Processes Assessment
  11. Customer Management Assessment 
  12. Information Technology Project Costological Process Assessment