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Technocratic Culture Development (Peopleware)

Ten (10) independent sub-services aim to create the proper technocratic maturity concept on an organization at management level, personnel and technologies, in order to contribute all organizational elements consciously and unconsciously to every technological initiative needed for the organization.

This concept presents the required balance between moving forward or backing off mentality from the technology.  This balance is extremely significant for every organization that aims not to be developed but also for the ones struggling for their survival.


  1. Enterprise Technocratic Maturity Assessment
  2. Technocratic Human  Recourses Development
  3. Technocratic Enterprise Engineering
  4. Technocratic Customer Management
  5. Technocratic Investments Management
  6. Metrics on Technocratic Return on Investment
  7. Technocratic Continuous Improvement (analysis and learning from successes and failures)
  8. Technocratic Human Resource Development (technological goals and orientation)
  9. Retaining and Promoting Technocratic Human Resources (elimination of personnel and know-how turn-over)
  10. Management of Technocratic Knowledge (development of archetypes, prototypes and signs interpretation)