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Areas of expertise

In today’s period of global financial and technocratic massive changes, in a globalized environment  and in multidisciplinary and technologically integrated needs and expectations EMPROSS can be a reliable partner to organizational technocratic transformation strategies, initiatives, and projects for any organization in the private and public sector.   Established is 2000, under the directives of the new organizational management and development era, EMPROSS can provided in a holistic way products and services for the plan, development and execution of any corporate and organizational strategy world wide.     With more than 20 strategic partners, hundreds of experts and thousands of personnel, EMPROSS formulated a solid, reliable, innovative and state of the art portfolio of products and services which reflect perfectly not only the today’s needs but also the ones that will silently but certainly arrive soon.  

EMPROSS Technologies on Vertical Sectors and EMPROSS Services are categorized in the following groups.

 Group 1. Business Development

(Financial / Banking Technologies, Manufacturing Technologies, Logistics / Transportation Technologies).

Group 2. Technology Development & Digitization

(Management Information Systems Technologies, Telecommunication Systems Technologies, Digitization Technologies).

Group 3. Green Development

(Energy Technologies, Environmental Technologies, Rural Development Technologies).

Group 4. Governmental Development

(Defense Technologies, Aging / Well Being / Health Technologies, Port  Management Technologies).

Group 5. Strategic Development

(Business Development, Quality Assurance, Information Technology Strategy).

Group 6.  Project Management and Innovation Services

(Project Management Services, Software Engineering Professional Training Services,).

Group 7. Technocratic Enterprise Engineering

(Technocratic Strategy, Organizational Maturity, Technocratic Management).

Group 8.  Research and Development

(EMPROSS Research, National and International Research Programs Utilization).