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EMPROSS products have been developed by either complete EMPROSS initiatives or with the integration of EMPROSS concepts with other organizational initiatives.   The EMPROSS products can be characterized in two categories.  

The first category of EMPROSS products are the ones completely developed by EMPROSS initiatives and based primarily on the ARIADNE Methodology. 

The second of products offered by EMPROSS, is related with technologies developed with the contribution or participation of EMPROSS.  On those technologies and products, EMPROSS holds intellectual property rights, or licensing and marketing rights, towards their continuous development or promotion and marketing internationally.

Please note :  The EMPROSS products are very much different that the products EMPROSS uses for the implementation of the projects referred to the professional sectors of activities.  

Those products have been developed by other specialized organizations and being used by EMPROSS in project integration initiatives undertaken by EMPROSS.

These products on the other hand have been developed by EMPROSS or with the participation of EMPROSS, therefore their design, architecture, intellectual or marketing rights belong solely or partially to EMPROSS.