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MIDAS is a complete software system that may handle every aspect of your broker house. From Customer Management to Cumulative Reporting and to everyday chores, MIDAS will dramatically decrease the time it takes for you and your employees to achieve better results. MIDAS will relieve you from the pain of trivial tasks, allowing you to focus on your company’s strategic planning and expansion. Use your time in a more efficient way!


Who Was Midas  : From the Myth to Reality

Midas was the king of Pessinus, capital of Phrygia, a region in Asia Minor. One day, the God Dionysus granted him a wish for helping out his father. Midas wished that everything he touched be turned to gold. Dionysus warned him about the dangers of such a wish, but Midas was too distracted with the prospect of being surrounded by gold to listen. Dionysus gave him the gift. Initially, King Midas was thrilled with his new gift and turned everything he could to gold, including his beloved roses.

His attitude changed, however, when he was unable to eat or drink since his food and wine were also changed to unappetizing gold. He even accidentally killed his daughter when he touched her, and this truly made him realize the depth of his mistake. Desperate, Midas pleaded to Dionysus for help. Dionysus instructed Midas to bathe in the headwaters of the Pactolus River, and the wish would be washed away.  However, you won’t have to worry about any danger. MIDAS will help you turn your business to gold, nothing more.