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Security Products

EMPROSS diversifies the Banking products from the Securities products only due to the development of the MIDAS system, which creates a products category by itself.

MIDAS (Management of Investments and Dealing Analysis System) is a complete software system supporting the management and analysis of investments, portfolios and initiatives taken in the financial sector by both the brokers and the clients as well.   MIDAS is an interactive, live, web based, back office system offering tremendous value to the brokers and the investors as well, through continuous management and analysis of financial activities and initiatives.

MIDAS is an integrations of a number of software modules composing an complete Interments Management System.    The prime MIDAS components are the following:

  • MIDAS Core: Core System for handling investments including all the subsystems below.
  • MIDAS Report: A report generator system for the development of unlimited and custom made reports, additional to the standard reports offer from the MIDAS Core.
  • MIDAS Portfolio: A system calculating the profit loss of all investments made by an investor in real time.
  • MIDAS Imports: A system for importing to the MIDAS Core data from other subsystems not being able to be connected directly with MIDAS Core.
  • Multi MIDAS: A multilingual and multicurrency MIDAS system and Subsystems.
  • MIDAS Web Orders: A system that provides the capability to investors to place order (buy, sell, cancel), and order parameters (over, equal, under) over the web.
  • MIDAS Web Portfolio: A system that provides the capability to investors to view their portfolio and investments status (gain, loss) instantly over the web.

Information about MIDAS is provided on the following information sections.

1. Introduction 

2. Value Proposition of MIDAS

3. Software Components and Brief Description

4. Software Composition Options

5. Multilingual

6. Documentation

7. Training

8. Software Quality

9. Technical Requirements

10. Technical Support

11. Maintenance

12. Software pricing

 More on the MIDAS Security System can be provided upon request.  MIDAS Request form.