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Software Components and Brief Description

Core Broker

Core Broker is a must have for all subsequent components. Its functionality covers everything a broker would ever need:

  • Customer Handling. Full customer data control, including inserting new customers, editing customers’ data or deleting customers.
  • Order Handling. Declare new orders, edit existing orders or delete an erroneous order.
  • Stock Handling. Declare new stocks, edit existing ones or delete a stock which no longer is public.
  • Managing Orders. See all pending or partially executed orders, or set filters for viewing specific sets of them. Even better, see just the ones waiting for your actions!
  • Declaring Transactions. Got a new sell? Declare it and let MIDAS work out if you ever have to worry about that order again, or how many more shares you have to give away. (Tip: works on buys as well…)

Broker Reports

Acquire a full set of reports, suited to fulfill any given needs of your company, your employees and you. Choose among chronological, quantitative, qualitative and cumulative criteria to refine your report and make the best out of it.

MIDAS Portfolio

A client portfolio is one click away. Use this feature to provide your clients (and yourself) with up-to-date information about his/her investment progress. Use hard evidence to back up the quality of your work and test your stuff’s choices.

MIDAS Imports

Did you use to have someone checking stock prices and calculating transaction costs? Well, you will not have to do that any more. Import data from report sheets in any format by any stock market and MIDAS will be ready to perform any calculation for you.


What if your area has more than one stock market? Well, no problem. Let MIDAS calculate one price for each stock, by calculating weighted median price for each stock. Thus, you will never have to produce two reports per order again.

MIDAS Web Orders

Are your clients agitated because your brokers just don’t have enough time to answer every call? Do they want your orders processed right now? Give them the means to insert their own orders into your system and relieve your brokers from time-consuming telephone calls. MIDAS Web Orders lets your clients take matter into their own hands by posing orders, terminating them and viewing their progress. Hassle-free brokers will be thankful for ever.

MIDAS Web Portfolio

There are some clients who always want to know where they stand, but your brokers just can’t keep calculating their assets every five minutes. MIDAS Web Portfolio lets your clients view their status in real time, any time, every time they like! Happy brokers will focus on getting these pesky transactions completed.