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Value Proposition of MIDAS


Value to the Brokers

No more paperwork for the brokers. MIDAS stores every client request for them. Furthermore, MIDAS presents every order still pending and calculates remaining shares, median value and so on.

All the broker has to do is find the right price for the client! MIDAS will even inform the client about the completion of his order. Additionally, clients will no longer harass brokers for information about their current position, because they will have an online environment for them to consider their next move.

Value to the Clients

Clients will be able to know at any time about whether their order is active or not; Web MIDAS will show them all of their orders. And, yes, they can select one of them and terminate it. But they can also post a new order and be reassured that the broker will instantly see it on his/her screen! But the best feature of MIDAS is the Web Portfolio; Any client, any time may see where he is standing, with just a click! Remember, no broker has to do anything for all of this.

Value to the Administration

MIDAS works for your clients; it works for your brokers too. But most importantly, MIDAS works for YOU. Didn’t you know you have your own Decision Support System right on your desktop? Have cumulative reports about orders and transactions, see how your employees are handling your clients and even have a complete portfolio printout in an instant! Is there any other way to better control your company than this?