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Technocratic Enterprise Engineering

Ten (10) sub-services aiming to align the development policy of an organization with the organizational maturity in information technology and human recourse management.

No organization which ignored the role of technology and the human factor ever succeeded on even its basic strategic goals.  Likewise, technologies that ignored the human factor had the same failures.  Organizational strategy is based on aligning the people with the technology and the vision, equally and successfully.


  1. Technocratic maturity assessment    
  2. Technologic maturity assessment   
  3. Technocratic infrastructure assessment
  4. Technocratic communications policy assessment
  5. Technocratic maturity of the organizations strategy recipients assessment
  6. Evaluation of organizational goals based on the existing technocratic maturity
  7. Development of process models based on organizational goals and vision 
  8. Development of process models based on organizational technocratic communication policy
  9. Development of costological management and achievement on organizational technocratic changes
  10. Development of metric programs for the continuous improvement of technocratic development