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Organizational Management Services

EMPROSS designs and implements management process models for every type of software intensive company or organization or for every type of IT department or informatics business unit, responsible for project development (to be used internally).  Relevant management process models are also developed for companies or organizations managing information technology projects through the entire cycle of procurement and acquisition (need, project identification, RFP, contracting, tracking, acceptance, operations, etc) in order to make sure that the ICT investment they made will return to the company.

 For the implementation of the activities mentioned, EMPROSS provides one or more of the following services based on the project goals. 

  1. Development of Process Models for the Management of Technocratic Initiatives and Investments.
  2. Technocratic Enterprise Engineering.
  3. Technical and Financial Planning of Technocratic Investments.
  4. Adjustable Project Management. 
  5. Adjustable Project Management of Technocratic Investments.
  6. Process Assessments.
  7. Technocratic Culture Development (Peopleware).
  8. Executive Business Informatics Training.
  9. Quality Assurance of Technocratic Enterprise Development.
  10. Management and Utilizations of European Research and Development Programs and Initiatives.