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 Areas of EMPROSS Corporate Training Programs

The EMPROSS corporate training services have been designed towards providing innovative and processional training on technocratic strategy development, business informatics, project management and process  engineering to professionals in various positions and sectors. 

Target Group of EMPROSS Corporate Training Programs

The EMPROSS training programs are addressed to Business Executives such as Chief Executive Offices, Managing Directors, and Directors in Finance, Information Technology, Procurement, Quality Assurance, Operations, Sales and Strategy Development.   On the other hand, the EMPROSS Corporate Training Programs are also open to young upcoming professionals in the previously mentioned sectors and to anyone interested in business informatics and technocratic development strategy. 

Type of EMPROSS Corporate Training Programs

The EMPROSS training programs are executed in different versions based on the scope of each training project, which can be an open seminar, en executive tutorial or a integrated training program with case studies and practical exercises.   The EMPROSS training programs can be 2 hours long up to 5 days long and can be executed either at Professional Training Facilities offered in Training Institutions and Luxury Hotels or in the customer premises if they meet the professional and business standards set up by EMPROSS.