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Executive Business Informatics Training

This executive training category is supported by a wide range of training programs in business informatics and in the technocratic organizational development.  Every program can be executed in 8, 16 and 35 hours (including workshops), as well as in tutorial format (4 hours) and even executive tutorials (2 hours) for the top management.

 Basic Training Programs:

  1. Requirements Management
  2. Contract and Subcontracting Management
  3. Information Technology Project Management
  4. Systems Development and Maintenance Models
  5. Quality Assurance of Information Systems
  6. Development and Evaluation of Requests for Proposals and
  7. Risk and Contingency Management on Information Systems
  8. Costological Project Management
  9. Enterprise Technocratic Development
  10. Technocratic Human Resource Management and Development
  11. Enterprise Technical Re-Engineering)
  12. Selection of ERP systems and management of their acquisition and implementation process
  13. Process Assessment Models
  14. Project Management Methodology Selection

  Specialized Training Programs:

  1. Productivity Metrics 
  2. Management of Technical Teams
  3. Change and Configuration Management
  4. Operational Planning of Technocratic Investments
  5. Software Engineering Principles and Standards
  6. Hierarchical Structures of Information Technology Unit Management
  7. Information Technology Units Merging Models
  8. Selection and Management of Multi-functional Systems (ERP, CRM, WMS, MIS etc.)