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Quality Assurance of Technocratic Enterprise Development

Eighteen (18) independent sub-services aim to support an organization towards the development of a quality assurance policy in an attempt to support its technocratic development. All services are based on international standards (CMMi, SPICE, DoD, MilStds, NATO, IEEE, ISO, etc.) provided by qualified and certified auditors consultants and EMPROSS personnel.  Organizations receive all certifications given at the completion of each service.  Certification is granted by either EMPROSS or the authorized international bodies per standards or process  model.


  1. ASPAM  Assessment (for the development of an adjustable quality assurance program)
  2. Adjustable implementation of the ARIADNE-SQA Methodology
  3. SCAMPI Assessment (for the CMMI model)
  4. Support services towards achieving a CMMI certification (Staged & Continuous)
  5. CBA-IPI Assessment (for the SW-CMM)
  6. Support services towards achieving a SW-CMM certification
  7. Systems Acquisition CMM Implementation
  8. Systems Engineering CMM Implementation
  9. People CMM Implementation
  10. Support services towards achieving an ISO 9000-3 certification (for SW Development)
  11. SPICE Assessment (ISO 15504)
  12. Support services towards implementing ISO/IEC 12207
  13. Adjustable implementation of the SoftTQM (CMM into EFQM)
  14. Adjustable implementation of the TQM-IT (SPICE into EFQM)
  15. Adjustable implementation of the BITS (Balanced IT Scorecard)
  16. Adjustable implementation of the QFD-IT (SPICE into QFD)
  17. Adjustable implementation of the 6Σ-ΙΤ (SPICE into 6Σ)
  18. Implementation support of US-DoD and ΝΑΤΟ  Standards